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Samsung 950 Pro 512 GB not listing correctly

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  • Samsung 950 Pro 512 GB not listing correctly

    My benchmark results for my Samsung 950 Pro 512 GB NVMe M.2 SSD are not being applied to the correct data set.

    Here is a recent benchmark:

    At the bottom is shows:

    Hard Drive Tested NVMe Samsung SSD 950 (512 GB)

    If you click on that link, it incorrectly takes you to the 256GB page instead of the 512GB page.

    My drive is indeed the 512GB NVMe drive. And perhaps since the score is high (15,319) and PerfTestV8 is not recognizing the drive is throwing the results for the 256GB data - which actually does test slower than the 512GB version.

    Any way to fix it?

    As you can see, there are other benchmarks having the same issue...512GB test results being lumped in with 256GB results.

    These are 512GB drives:

    These are 256GB drives:

    But all the above are showing on the 256GB results page.

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    This is an issue we are looking at solving with PerformanceTest V9 and back ported with a re-haul of the current submitted benchmarks. The problem stems from vague names being returned from the computer. The drive string is read from SMBIOS and in this case it is returning "NVMe Samsung SSD 950". Note the naming doesn't provide much into model differentiation. So all drives (regardless of size) are currently being lumped together under a single drive model.

    The reason it is showing 256GB on the hard drive benchmark page is that the first drive with that name that was submitted was of that size. The individual baselines display page however actually access the submitted baseline files, the same ones you can download within PerformanceTest, and pulls out the size information within the benchmark file.

    In an upcoming fix, we will look to separate all the submitted drives by model name and sizes. We will have to go through all the submitted benchmarks again and correctly assigned them. This will take some time to test and implement.


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      Excellent - thank you for the detailed reply. Your efforts are appreciated!