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Graphics card upgrade for my Alienware - help needed

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  • Graphics card upgrade for my Alienware - help needed

    Hi all,

    Hoping someone can help as although I'm big into the gaming the technical side is confusing for me. I have an Alienware m17x that's a few years old now and I was looking to upgrade the graphics card. It currently has a AMD Radeon 6990m, does anyone have any recommendations of what I should go for to see a significant upgrade? Are all laptop graphics cards compatible and how easy is it for me to install myself? I wasn't hoping to spend more than 200 ish max ideally.



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    Many (most in fact) laptops are not upgradable. Not the video card anyway.

    Most aren't even in sockets. Then there are problems with space, power and cooling. It is one of the reasons to buy a desktop rather than a laptop.

    So if you aren't sure contact Alienware and ask what, if anything, is available as a compatible upgrade.