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Benchmark score relativity of CPUs and Video Cards

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  • Benchmark score relativity of CPUs and Video Cards

    Are the benchmark score numbers relative? As in, for example, 5960x score of 15979 and gtx 980 ti score of 11573, does this mean that 980 ti will waste(botleneck) 5960x's CPU power? If anyone knows for sure, please post a reply and let me know and thanks in advance...

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    The overall results are relative results. Meaning that the benchmark number isn't all that useful unless you know results from other machines / other CPUs / other video cards.

    But the individual test results often have some meaning without having to compare them to other results.

    For example RAM latency in nanosecord, or disk transfer speeds in MB/sec.

    As for bottle necking it depends a lot of what applications or specific games you are running. Also what resolutions you are running at.


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      I have an intel system same hd . ram . power supply as new build with evga 970 ssc it scored slightly higher about 400 points// than my new fx 8350 setup with asrock board..

      any idea why its slower the intel board did have pcie 3 where as the amd board has pcie 2.0 both x16???
      thank you


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        Caleb3007, I think the answer was covered in your other post.
        The Intel machine scored higher simply because it was a faster machine, in some circumstances.