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CPU Mark test Single thread vs rest

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  • CPU Mark test Single thread vs rest


    I was running PerformanceTest 9.0 on my desktop, but I found that the CPU Mark score was a bit low given my hardware. My CPU is i5-6600k and my best score (after running the test multiple times) was

    Integer Math 2349
    Floating point math 1810
    Prime numbers 15
    SSE 112
    Compression 2764
    Encryption 447
    Physics 222
    Sorting 1517
    CPU Single threaded 2210

    Comparing this to other i5-6600k baselines, the single threaded performance was comparable, but all the other tests were very low. I also found (using TaskManager etc) that while the tests were running, only core # 1 was under load during all of the testing. Do you think this might be because the CPU Mark test is not utilizing the other cores for the non-Single thread tests? Is there a way I can fix this to get the right results for my system?

    Thanks for your help.

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    See this post to start with,
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