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AMD 5200+ Benchmark Test

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  • AMD 5200+ Benchmark Test

    AMD 5200+ Dual Core Processor 2.6GHz
    GeForce 7950 GT 512 MB GPU
    2 GIG Corsair RAM
    Seagate Barracuda 320 GB
    LITEON 18X DVD+R Drive

    The Accurate look at the tests..

    How's this look..

    This is a computer I just recently built a couple months ago, and I am very pleased on How well it is doing.. It cost me 1200 all togather (including monitor, PSU, Case, and other accessories) Though I like AMD alot, I should have went with Intel Duo Core, But at the time, I didn't have much more for the expensive Intel parts..
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    Anything above 700 is a strong result. Yes the Core 2 Duo or 5600+ would have been slightly faster but there is a trade off to be made with the cost.

    There are some baseline files included with the software. These can be found under the 'baseline' menu in PerformanceTest. You can use these to compare the speed of your PC with other PC's.

    If you want to compare your machine to more machines, you can purchase the software, and then download additional baseline files from our database of 5000+ benchmark results.

    There is also the CPU benchmark charts to compare your CPU against.