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    We produce computers and they would want to organize for our users Internet- service “you will compare the speed of your computer with our current models”.
    Operational procedure is the following: user goes to the site and presses on the link. To its computer is download PT6 and is started from the command line. The results of tests are written to the disk and send to the site, in this case from the computer of user it is moved away BY PT6. Script on the site derives the comparison of the results of the tests of user with our current models. Entire process to be produced online.
    In connection with this 2 questions:
    1. How is solved a question with the licensing
    2. It can be in you already there are mechanisms of online of testing?

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    There are some technical issues that will prevent this from working smoothly. Or at least it would take some significant software development to make it work smoothly. For example, how does the command line command get executed? Clearly you are not expecting the user to do it & our software doesn't run itself. Even if the software did attempt to execute itself, there are various security prompts from the operating system that the user needs to attend to.

    How does the file get uploaded to "the site" and what about issues like firewalls.


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      Yes, significant activeX component, that downloaded pt6, run it and send result.


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        There would still be other technical complications that would prevent full automation, like what to do if the wrong version of DirectX was installed, or how to do the CD test (without prompting the user to insert a CD in the drive), or what to do if the disk was full. Plus leaving the PC in a clean state after the test might be problematic (is the ActiveX component able to uninstall itself while it is still running).

        If you are still serious then E-mail us to discuss the licensing.