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3D Graphics Test Freeze

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  • 3D Graphics Test Freeze

    I noticed I'm having graphic card problems with my NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 8x AGP card. First noticed it when trying to play high end games like Tony Hawk's Underground 2, or Need For Speed Underground 2. So I ran a benchmark test, the 2D test came back okay, but when trying to run the 3D test, it locks up the machine and requires a manual shut down with the power button. Any ideas please contact me back! I have the most current drivers for all my hardware, and I have Direct X 9c. My BIOS settings are all okay and fine.

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    Clearly something is not right if the machine doesn't work for those games and locks up.

    Try re-seating the card.
    Is the cooling OK, or is the card covered in dust?
    If you are using Windows 98 or 2000, then upgrade to XP or Vista.
    Do you have another video card to try?
    It wouldn't be too surprising if it was a NVidia device driver bug. Some of the recent device drivers have been awful, especially on Vista.