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Annoying problem with trial & VMware ESX virtual machine

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  • David (PassMark)
    At this time, we haven't done a great deal of testing on Virtual machines. But we didn't encounter this problem during the limited testing we did do, but we also used Virtual PC, not VMWare.

    I also think that this should not be an issue if the clock is not re-set too far forward in time when the VM is restarted.

    Actually purchasing the software would resolve the issue, but I guess that's not the answer you were looking for.

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  • Annoying problem with trial & VMware ESX virtual machine

    Just thought I'd point out an issue with the PerformanceTest software which you may or may not be bothered about, if this software is installed on a virtual machine (well a VMware ESX virtual machine anyway) and the machine gets restarted while the software is in trial mode the software won't restart as it thinks the clock has been messed with.

    Of course the clock has been messed with, when a VM stops it does exactly that, stops, as does all the "hardware" the host was presenting to the OS, so when it restarts it asks it's host what the time is which it then passes to whatever OS is running. When a machine on physical hardware stops it's clock does not so this is not needed.

    Annoying indeed.