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Any preparation before tesing??

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  • Any preparation before tesing??

    What is the standard prep before testing? Disable all running tasks? Uninstall progs. that have services running? Just wondering.

    It seems that there should be a loose "standard" to follow.
    Ron N.

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    The best situation would be a clean install of the O/S, without any other applications running. You might also need to wait for background activity to settle down (the indexing of the file system for the Vista search function, and background downloading of O/S updates, etc..).

    If you are not doing a clean install,
    - Defag the disk
    - Update your drivers
    - Stop any other applications you are running.
    - Try at least one test run without your anti-virus software running, to see what impact it has.
    - Disconnecting the network can help stop some background tasks