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Xeon Quad-Core Typo?

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  • Xeon Quad-Core Typo?

    On the CPU Performance Test, paired Xeon E5345's score better than a pair of faster E5355's? Is that right, or someone hit the wrong key?

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    In our CPU benchmarks this appears to be the case (at least for today). The 8 core E5345 system appears to be ~10% faster than the 8 core X5355 system. (I assume you mean X5355 and not E5355?).

    But as detailed in the graph notes there are other factors that might effect the results. Both these systems are rare systems, not many people have machines like this. So the sample size is very low. So other factors like the motherboard and like the use of 64bit Windows vs 32bit Windows can have a large influence on the results (well larger than 10% in any case).

    The single example of the X5355 result that we have might have has been from a machine that was badly configured as well. Hard to know until we get more results in for this CPU type.