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Low 2D shapes performance with NVidia cards

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    Originally posted by passmark View Post

    SLI only works with a small number of 3D applications (the big name games in general). There is a larger number of 3D apps for which SLI does nothing. Having said that we are putting in some work for PerformanceTest V7 to try and get SLI and CrossFire to accelerate the 3D tests. But nvidia and AMD (ATI) aren't really interested in helping because we aren't selling a 100 million dollar game.
    Why, oh why does that not suprise me? Also because your not 3dmark -- which is the only benchmark nvidia seems to care about. They release drivers just to make the score go up in that! (175.70 was released to increase vantage scores).

    Personally I just use PT to compare my system vs my friends and to give me a baseline idea as to how much an improvement and upgrade made. Does it stink a little that it isn't the greatest at 3d tests and can't measure sli/crossfire? Sure it does. Does it REALLY REALLY matter? No, not really. We have standalone tests to do that.
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