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  • HD Test Generates File First

    I am trying to correlate the results from 'Advanced Disk Test' of PassMark PerformanceTest™ 6.1 with HDD Speed Test Tool 1.0.14 of Marko Oette.
    The results with the 'HDD Speed Test' are significant lower (factor of 3) when testing two SATA drives in parallel compared to 'Advanced Disk Test'.
    The major difference I noticed is that
    (1) 'HDD Speed Test' generates and save the data-file in real-time, increasing the stored file-size with time.
    (2) 'Advanced Disk Test' generates first a file on the drive with the in defined file size and afterwards writes into that file.
    Why the factor three difference ?
    Many thanks.

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    It would help if you posted details of the hardware you are using, the options you selected in PerformanceTest, the actual results and how you have the drives connected.

    Without some hard numbers I think we would be wasting our time speculating on the significance of the results.