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  • Score To Low?

    I just bought this comp, it's a dell xps 420 4gb 800 mhz ram, 500gb hard drive, gforce 8800 gt, core 2 e6850 proc @ 3 ghz. My score is approx 900; this seems kinda low, is it correct? oh yeah, the CPU rating alone is only 477, i though it was supposed to be much higher.
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    Yes the CPU mark score should be higher.

    See the post on common performance problems.

    In particular check the number of processes in the Edit / Preferences window


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      I don't have a clue what's going on. My score is only 189.7!!

      Specs: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E8400 3Ghz - 239.6

      Geforce 8600GT 512MB - 2D 47.1 3D 131.3

      2x 2MB Corsair 800Mhz - 90.1

      2 x 320Gb raid 0 - 351.2

      CD mark: 180.4

      Running Vista Home premium 64 bit

      It's brand new nothing apart from internet and Norton has been installed by me????


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        It would help if you posted all the results, along with the version of PerformanceTest you are using.