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Same Drive But Slower Random Seek + RW on 2nd pc

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  • Same Drive But Slower Random Seek + RW on 2nd pc

    I have a 320gb sata II WD drive and after benchmarking i have found a huge difference in speed between 2 PC's, the read and write speed are the same "about 60-70" but i'm scoring 8.2 on AMD XP3200 NF2-S MB and only 3.2 on P4 3ghz Presscott MSI 865 NEO2-P, the drive is brand new empty.

    Why would/could there be so much difference between 2 systems?

    I have a decent understanding of computers but can't find a cause.

    Any help would be much appreciated thx.

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    Are you running the same operating system on both PCs? Is the drive running off the onboard controllers on the two motherboards? That could account for the differences right there. There also could be different applications or services running in the background on the two PCs which could impact the scores, or differences in various registry and other settings.


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      Might also be differences in the amount of RAM available for the disk cache.