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Can I upgrade from Symantec Norton system works?

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  • Can I upgrade from Symantec Norton system works?

    So I brought Nortons system works premier which has performance test 6 with the system but as so moany other have had the same problem with the cpu clock score not posting correctly wanted to know if it is possible to upgrade to the lastest version 6.1, or will I have to buy it!!

    I dont feel like I should have to as I have it with nortons!!! so can someone let me know please thanks

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    We licensed PerformanceTest to Symantec for Norton System Works Premier.

    Symantec have the responsibility to upgrade NSW, so it is up to them if they provide patched and new releases. In the past they have upgraded PerformanceTest from time to time. But we don't know what their current plans are.

    But they have the added problem of language translations. Becuase they release the software is so many languages, even a small software change becomes a lot of work to release to the public. (half a dozen people doing and check translations are invovled).

    You can "upgade" from the Symantec version to our version if you want here. At the moment the upgrade price is $14 USD.