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  • Disk Read Error

    I get as error box entitled "unknown" when running the sequential disk read test on my new 1TB Seagate ST310005N (running in an eSATA enclosure) under Vista Ultimate. The drive has 2-500GB primary partitions and the error occurs when the test is run on either partition. The sequential write and the random read/write tests complete normally. Any ideas? BTW the same problem occurred when the test was run on this drive prior to partitioning (i.e. a single 1TB partition). It should be noted that this drive has a 32MB cache. The drive has been "full" NTSF formatted and scanned for errors (none found), and passed all the Seagate "Seatools" diagnostic tests.

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    additional info

    I should add that I am using the latest PT "trial" version (downloaded yesterday) under 32bit Vista Ultimate


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      Was there an error message in the box? (Even if the title was wrong the message might be valid). A screen shot would be great if you culd get one.

      We did make some changes to the disk test in the last release, so maybe we messed something up. We'll check.


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        We had a look to see if we introduced any problems with the disk test in the latest release and can not see any problems.

        In addition to David's request for a screen shot, please start PerformanceTest with the DEBUGMODE commandline parameter and email us a debug log file to help [at] passmark [dot] com.

        Instructions to start PerformanceTest in DEBUGMODE are here: