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modifying baseline, or ignoring one section?

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  • modifying baseline, or ignoring one section?

    Hi all,

    I did a bunch of tests today on some virtual machines and got some good results. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn off the CD images on half of them, so they have really skewed "CD Mark" results, which skews the final rating.

    Is there a way I can fix this without redoing the tests?

    Three ideas I can think of,

    1) can I edit the .pt files, and hard-code a reasonable value for the CD Mark result?

    2) can I load a .pt, run the CD Mark test again, and have it overwrite only the CD Mark result, then save the .pt again?

    3) can I make the PassMark Rating ignore the CD Mark test?

    Any of those will do.. but I can't figure out how to do any.. any ideas?


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    I would load the files into PerformanceTest, then export to CSV. Then load the results up into Excel. Once in Excel, you can do whatever you want.


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      so in doing this how do you go about caclulating the percentages inside excel for each test and then how do you calculate the percentage for the passmark rating?


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        If you are missing results, like the CD results, then you can't get the full PassMark result.

        Quoting from the PerformanceTest help file.
        The "PassMark rating" can only be calculated if the results from all other tests are available. The value is calculated as follows.
        Test Suite Weighting
        Disk 20%
        CD / DVD 9%
        Memory 18%
        3D Graphics 12%
        2D Graphics 14%
        CPU 27%
        Total 100%

        These weighting's are based on the "average" computer usage and are intended to give the user of PerformanceTest an overall indication about how this computer will perform in general use. Needless to say, this weighted average will be inappropriate for some users. Game players will think 3D is more important, while Network admin types will be looking for disk speed. Feel free to roll your own ratings based on the individual test results.


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          I question? mathematically how can i demonstrate the weighted result?


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            I don't really understand the question
            An overview of the calculation method can be found in the help file.