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Will dual core make a difference over pentium 4?

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  • Will dual core make a difference over pentium 4?


    I currently have Pentium 4 (400) and my employer suggested that upgrading to dual core may improve productivity. I know that dual core is faster/more efficient overall, but will it really make much of a difference when I connect to my employer via a remote desktop connection? I primarily use my computer for internet and word processing applications. (no games)

    I always assumed that as long as my internet connection was strong and fast that the rest depended on their system. Is this correct?


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    I think the slowest Pentium 4 was around 1400Mhz. And I don't remember a model number 400, but I could be wrong.

    Anyway assuming you already have amble RAM in the Pentium 4 machine, then I wouldn't expect a big speed improvement from remote desktop.

    On the other hand if someone else is paying for the upgrade, you'd be nuts to say no. The core 2 is far superior than the P4. Plus the RAM and hard disk would alse be faster.