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Dual vs Quad AMD for gaming

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  • Dual vs Quad AMD for gaming

    Question, I am currently using an AMD Dual Core 6400. AS I have an AM2 motherboard i am considering if its worthwhile to upgrade to a Quad core Phenom 9950. I use my machine for lots of things but I only require the speed for gaming.
    My question is, would i see any improvement making this move? My current chip runs both cores at 3.2 Mhz while the Phenom runs its cores at 2.8. The Phenom is higher on the CPU scale than the Athlon. However, I dont think most games can take advantage of 4 cores therefore I'd be running at a lower cycle. So while some apps may run faster, games may actually take a hit by moving to the Phenom.
    Any thoughts or better yet stats, I might look at to help guide my decsion?


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    I don't think you would see a dramatic difference, unless the game or application in question uses 3 or more threads (which is rare).

    Unless the Phenom was really cheap, I would save your money for another 6 months then get a whole new machine. (maybe with a SSD and Core i7 chip).