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what else I can I do to improve my system?

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  • what else I can I do to improve my system?

    I first started stock from No overclocking, on-board video, 450w psu, Win XP 32bit, and D940 3.2 ghz. now, I have upgraded to; e6600(OC'ed to 2.64 ghz, xfx 9600gt(Oc'ed to 680mhz), cosair 750w psu, and win Xp 64bit.

    I'm just wondering if there is anything I can do, so I can gain more performance? is it ok?

    Thanks for any advice!

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    You can find a list of things here.
    How do I push my PC to the bleeding edge?


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      Thanks, Passmark! I think after reading that I think I have to doing something about my Hardrive speeds. So setting up raid would be a good choice to upgrade.

      btw, Overall does everything look ok for my rig?


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        People who have purchased the PerformanceTest software can download V6 baseline files from our database of more than 13000 benchmark results and easily compare their machine to other machines.

        There are also some initial baseline results included with the software itself. (under the baseline menu option).