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OpenGL vs. DirectX Benchmarking with PassMark

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  • OpenGL vs. DirectX Benchmarking with PassMark

    I've thoroughly enjoyed using PassMark. It really does make benchmarking fun again .

    Is there a way I can now benchmark the relative performance of OpenGL and Direct X on a computer? I'm interested in how Google Earth will perform in part, and the degree hardware assist helps each rendering method.

    Is this possible? I see only references to OpenGL on Linux, not on Windows (which I am using for this inquiry).

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    OpenGL is dieing a slow death on Windows (and to a lesser extend on Linux). The people responsible for OpenGL spent years arguing and in-fighting, rather than doing new development to support new hardware. So 90% of new development is now being done on DirectX on Windows. A real shame. The exception being applications that don't need the latest hardware features and also need to be cross platform.

    So we don't do OpenGL and don't plan to unless they really get their act into gear.