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Installing additional memory giving lower results

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  • Installing additional memory giving lower results

    I recenty upgraded my memory from two PC 3200 DDR X 256 MB modules (512MB total) to two PC 3200 DDR X 512 MB modules (1G total). The new memory is top of the line OCZ.

    Upon retesting the system many times, I have found that my CPU, memory and also, to a lesser extent, graphics scores have been reduced. The net effect is my computer went from a best score overall of 314.9 to 302.2 (both with no CD score).

    Is it normal for the addition of double the memory to affect these scores?

    Or is this indicating a problem?


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    Unless your PC is running out of memory, adding or removing RAM will not have a big impact on the performance.

    So adding more RAM means you can run more applications at the same time and have extra RAM available for other functions like the disk cache. So in some circumstances it may appear like the hard disk is faster, but it shouldn't impact the PerformanceTest disk results too much, becuase PT uses a very large file for testing.

    Unless the new RAM is just slightly slower than the old RAM, I can't think of any good explaination to jutstify the 4% difference. But remember that due to a number of external influences, the results of different test runs may vary by a few percantage points on the same hardware.