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  • Windows 2003 Server and others

    Hey all,

    I was trying out your product and I was wondering about Windows 2003 and windows 2000 server, I noticed that my results were very different with each OS (w2k is a better result) Why would this be? Do the differnet OS's test better than others? I would like to see some baselines for each OS? Thanks your software is good stuff.

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    There is certainly various factors in different O/S's that can influence the result. In particular, the server releases of Windows have a different disk caching policy. There is also some advanced Windows configuration settings (in the control panel) that can affect performance. In particular you can adjust the Processor scheduling for background services and memory usage.

    Also the older O/S tend to do better in the 2D performance (on the same hardware). This is becuase in the newer O/S like XP, there are various visual effects like shading and smooth scrolling that can reduce performance.