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CRASHED by Q9400??? why/>?

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  • David (PassMark)
    Do you have any details about the crash.

    All most all the crashes during the 3D test are video card device driver related. So checking for up to dat drivers is the first thing to do. Then rolling back to older stable releases is the next.

    Also don't overclock.

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  • axelrose
    started a topic CRASHED by Q9400??? why/>?

    CRASHED by Q9400??? why/>?

    I ran each test one at a time then decided to run what was called ALL TEST.
    After about 4 minutes, just 3/4 way through the video test my OS informed me the program had crashed???

    I'm not using old or hand-me-down parts.

    I'd like to get a full passmark score to brag about so what can I do to avoid this CRASH?