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Dell Inspiron 1525 processor upgrade

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  • Dell Inspiron 1525 processor upgrade

    Dell Inspiron 1525 with T2370 processor.1.73 ghz the motherboard is a N122G from dell I would like to upgrade to something faster. It came with only 2 mg of ram and 80 gig hd. But i have upgrated to 4 gig ram and 160 gig Hd. I was thinking of the T5750 series 2.0 Ghz but do not know if this board will work with it. I have ash dell to no avail and tell me to contact Best Buy. Thats like asking Ford if they can fix my chevy.
    So if any one has any advise on this Thank you in advance

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    The Dell Inspiron 1525 is a laptop. In many laptops you can't swap out the CPU.

    But on the assumption that you can in fact get to the CPU in order to swap it then the T5750 has the same Micro-FCPGA package as the T2370. And so should physically fit.

    But you then need to worry about if the BIOS will support it and if the slightly higher clock speed of the T5750 will cause heat problems.

    Really Dell should tell you the answer to all of this (even if the answer was, we don't support this CPU in this machine).


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      that part i can appreciate


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        Dell Inspiron 1525 update on Processor

        I got this info from a Dell tech person, and thought i would share this with you. I had ask if i could upgrade my T2370 Processor to something else.
        "The Inspiron 1525 right now supports up to a 2.4GHz Core 2 duo (T8300) It also supports the T6600 (2.2 GHz) T6400 (2GHz) and T4600 (2 Ghz Pentium Dual Core). This is partial list of CPUs and since the 1525 is still in production and Intel is still pushing the envelope of these line of chips, it will probable have faster CPUs available before Intel finishes expanding these lines of CPU's"


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          Just curious did you ever upgrade your processor?