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get PT7 to run with out getting the 3D test error?

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    At the moment we have only identified what hardware is effected. We haven't really explained or resolved the problem. We bought a bunch of new Radeon HD video cards yesterday for testing, and we are still investigating.


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      OK we found the problem. The bad cards don't support 8x Antialiasing. And 8x Antialiasing is required by the current PerformanceTest DirectX 10 3D test.

      It turns out only 4x anti-aliasing is required on a card to be DirectX 10 compliant.

      So on the next patch release we will fall back to 4x anti-aliasing, if 8x anti-aliasing is not available (this will be in V7.0 build 1005, to be released next week). The image quality won't be as good, but it will at least run. And we'll add a slight penalty on to the benchmark result if we are forced to use the lower quality 4x setting.

      Further if neither 8x and 4x are available we have added a new and more meaningful error message to make it more obvious what has gone wrong.

      (As a side note there appear to be a few cards that claim 8x support in their marketing material, but don't really support it).

      So thanks everyone for reporting the problem.


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        PerformanceTest V7.0.Build 1005 is now available.

        It should correct the above 8x anti-aliasing problem.


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          3D Test Failed

          I performed 3D Test using PT 7.0 on Matrox G450. The OS used is Windows XP and installed Matrox driver When 3D tests failed except the simple test. Message popped --- "Directx9 test was interupted or there was error during rendering the 3D scene. Error number: 2." When checked the Directx installed, its Directx9.0c.

          I updated the driver to v 5.95.004. Still, 3D test failed but different error message -- "Nothing will be rendered. The reference device was selected, but your computer only has a reduced-functionality reference device installed..."

          What are the possible causes and how to correct this? Thanks.


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            The Matrox G450 is an ancient video card. About 10 years old now I think.
            I don't think it will have any support for DirectX 9, 10 or 11.


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              Is this same case with another video card that I'm working on -- onboard Intel Q965/Q963? It says "No Directx 10 compatible video device found" when I try to run 3D Graphics DirectX 10 Test.

              Video Driver: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator v
              OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit.

              I'm trying to extend the lives of some old PCs. Thanks for the info.


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                If you see the error "No Directx 10 compatible video device found", then it is safe to assume that there is no Directx10 support. This will either be because the hardware is old (and or low end), or the device drivers are old.