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Hard Drive Bench Problem

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  • Hard Drive Bench Problem

    Apparently the performance test looks for a C: Drive as the system or the lowest letter local drivel.

    However in not all situations, especially not mine, the system drive which happends to be the fastest is not tested.

    In my systen my C, D drives are external USB. I have set this intentionally for additional security reasons from lesser educated persons that get work on my workstations and feel that the C drive is always the system drive.

    In my case my system drive with the harddrive and all the important apps are on driev F:

    Drive C and D is an external USB maxtor 40gb.

    Drive F is two Western Digital Raptors in a Stripe set.

    When the benchmark runs it tests C drive and gives me a horrid score, as well it should for a USB drive.

    The test completly skips my two hot RAIDed babies. Because of this my overall score is lowerd to 610.

    I'd be all over buying this software if this simple problem was fixed.

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    You can select the drive to be tested from the Edit / Preferences window in PerformanceTest.