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Super Celeron 1300?

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  • Super Celeron 1300?

    Repeated tests give my Tualatin C1300 CPU ratings in the high 320's.
    This seems unbelievable when compared to my P4 Northwood 2.66GHz which gives consistent low 370's.
    Thoughts please?

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    Our CPU charts ( show the average score for a P4 2.66Ghz at 350 and the average score for a Celeron 1300 to be about 250. Your Celeron does indeed seem to be a bit on the fast side.

    Firstly because these CPU's are quite old most of the results in submitted for them would have been with PT6. In PT7 the changes to the CPU tests actually increased the scores of older slower CPU's slightly so the fact that your scores are higher is not that surprising (assuming you are using PT7).

    However, this should have effected both these CPU's roughly equally so it still doesn't explain the gap between them being closer.

    The only suggestions I could make without knowing much about your system is that the Celeron has been overclocked somehow or the P4 has been underclocked (or is in some way damaged or impaired from running full speed).