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How to improve 2d transparent vectors

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  • How to improve 2d transparent vectors

    The Graphics 2D - Transparent Vectors result scored low = .8
    How can I improve this? I am currently running autocad 2009 using only 2d graphics. I did some searching for what this meant and if improvement in this area would increase my autocad performance. I'm currently having some autocad software issues related to the graphics, so getting a handle on this transparent vectors issue would be the first step. Thanks. I would post a sreenshot, but I don't know how to attach a picture.

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    This forum doesn't allow upload of images to our site. But you can link to external images, or images on your own server.

    We noticed in our testing that Transparent Vectors are actually much faster in Vista compared to XP. This was one of the few area where Vista was better.

    What CPU and video card do you have?


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      PerformanceTest 7.0 doesn't like enhanced idle states

      I spent a few days this week overclocking my i7-920 on an Asus P6T Deluxe V2, and I discovered that with C-State Tech Enabled and set to C3 or higher, 2D Graphics on PerformanceTest 7.0 degrades significantly from ~600 to ~360. If I disable C-State Tech or set it to C1, I get the higher marks on the 2D Graphics test. No other tests seem to be affected; in fact, the problem seems to be confined specifically to the two vector tests in the 2D Graphics suite.

      This places me in a bit of a quandry, because C-State Tech MUST be enabled to C3 or higher in order to get the +2 CPU multiplier via Turbo mode. So the choices seem to be: (a) disable C-State Tech (or hardwire it to C1) and enjoy better 2D Graphics marks, or (b) enable C-State to C3 or higher and enjoy the +2 CPU multiplier via Turbo boost.

      This begs the question, "What is it about PerformanceTest's vector tests that doesn't like C-State tech?"


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        In my opinion there should be no interaction between the 2D test and the BIOS power saving settings. But it isn't something we have ever tested either.

        The test just uses the Microsoft GDI+ API in a fairly tight loop to draw vectors. Maybe the cores are putting themselves to sleep too quickly.

        But we don't really have enough details to guess at the cause, nor solution.