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  • PT on Virtual PC Guest Windows Systems

    I used PT in 2003... Now I want to buy it but it does not work. I *think* it was Ver 4.0.

    I use Windows 2000 Pro w/ SP4 with up to date patches. I run it on a G4 Mac 704MB ram, 100GB storage using VPC Ver 6.1.1.
    I am going going to VPC Ver 7.0.1.

    VPC users are VERY interested in getting the best performance they can from the new Macs (e.g., G5 3GHZ , 2 -3 GB ram).
    PT is an excellent tool to test performance against Pentium systems.

    My VPC performs at about a P II - 400MHZ PC. which is fine for the one or two apps I run that aren't on Macs (FrameMaker, IE 6.0 SP1)

    I tried PT Ver 5 on my Windows2000 and it crashes... I don't know how to list out the error kog.. I need help here.

    Any others in this forum w/ similar experience?

    Cheers, Jim B
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    Round Rock, Tx 78681

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    We don't test our software on Virtual PC for the Mac. We only test our software on Windows platforms.

    You might find that Virtual PC 7 in compatibility mode will help but I can't really say for sure.

    Here is a link to the old version of PerformanceTest V3.5

    The real problem is that VPC doesn't completely emulate a PC