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something not configured correct 2d and 3d

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  • something not configured correct 2d and 3d

    I am using intel core i7, 6 gig ram, evga 58 mobo, hooked up to an lcd tv that doesn't render very high display. i think it's 1080 by 720 or somthing close to that ratio. Anyway not the point. I am running vista ultimate 64 and using radeon hd 4670. The compare shows I am am half the other cards the same at 700 or so. I am getting 300 to 350. It's higher obviously if I turnn the catylist to performance. The real question is why in the results does it say that the 2d and 3d test are running in 32 and evrything else is 64. Can the card not utilize 64? Why is my score so much lower. Is it a temperature thing. Gets hot. almost 80c at one point. Thought it would melt. It is auto tuned almost to the very max from catylist. Any ideas would be great.

    Was going to turn down graphics in windows. Shut down other processes and close programs but didn't think the latter two would have much effect on a gpu. I am going to implement a cooling design too. Should help.

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    The compare shows I am am half the other cards the same at 700 or so
    Which number(s) are you referring to when you quote 700, 300, 350? Is this the overall result or the 2D mark figure or the 3D mark figure?

    why in the results does it say that the 2d and 3d test are running in 32 and everything else is 64
    I am not sure what you mean by this. Does 32/64 refer to 32bit and 64bit applications?
    There is a 32bit and 64bit version of PerformanceTest, so in your case you should download the 64bit release. If you are using the 64bit release, then all the code is 64bit. It doesn't, and couldn't, switch to 32bit for some of the tests.

    80 Degrees Celsius is probably to hot however.


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      well the numbers for the 700 are the benchmark for my card under 3d on your website. I turned off some windows stuff and got 690 for 2d and averaging around 350 for the 3d test.

      As for the 32-bit 64-bit yes that is what I ment. I would like to think what you said was competely accurate but unless something is obvious that I am missing, there is still an issue. I could post a picture or something, but for example under the test result interface in each section there is the main score then the sub scores for that category. In both 2d and 3d the main score reads normal, but each subscore looks like this.

      Graphics 3D simple

      THis Computer (32 bit) 169

      Graphics 3D meadium

      This Computer (32 bit) 115

      Etc.... It is the same in the 2d.. The main score does not show this (32-bit)

      3D Graphics mark
      this computer 350

      I am sure it is the 64 bit. Downloaded it. Checked the name. File location. About under the program.

      Also when I save benchmark then load it it reads vista not vista 64 like the others.
      I have 64. It says in system. 64 bit progs run. Installers detect 64...

      Any ideas.

      Sorry so long.


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        run 3d now and for some reason I am getting 840 on the 3d mark and more on the 2d. For a few tests I still have use refresh rates but before that it was 169 for simple off and 60 on. Now like 1100 or so. It still says
        This computer (32-bit) though.


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          Oh I see.
          In this sentence, "This Computer (32 bit)". The 32bit refers to the color depth. Which is normal for a full color display. Running a 64bit O/S doesn't give you 64bit color (which would be more colors that your eye could distinguish in any case).


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            see there is that obvious thing I was talking about. Makes sense. THanks.
            Just overworking myself.

            Great program!!