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  • Are these results good?

    I just Built this computer, The Mother Board came with this program. I am not sure what these reults indicate. Any help is greatly appreciated

    Benchmark Results
    Test Name This Computer
    CPU - Integer Math 1935.6
    CPU - Floating Point Math 1907.4
    CPU - MMX 1589.6
    CPU - Compression 1505.9
    CPU - Encryption 2267.8
    CPU - Image Rotation 2514.8
    CPU - String Sorting 2098.2
    Graphics 2D - Lines 99.1
    Graphics 2D - Rectangles 210.3
    Graphics 2D - Shapes 22.1
    Graphics 2D - Simplw 673.5
    Graphics 3D - Medium 1339.2
    Graphics 3D - Complex 481.5
    Memory - Allocate Small Block 1177.7
    Memory - Read Cached 1477.1
    Memory - Read Uncached 1394.9
    Memory - Write 851.9
    Disk - Sequential Read 52.1
    Disk - Sequential Write 45.2
    Disk - Random Seek + RW 4.4
    CPU Mark 1974.2
    2D Graphics Mark 1712.4
    Memory Mark 1752.3
    Disk Mark 2265.0
    CD Mark 1235.4
    3D Graphics Mark 3500.3
    PassMark Rating 2074.4

    System information - This Computer
    CPU Manufacturer:Intel
    Number of CPU: 1
    CPU Type: Intel 3.2E
    CPU Speed: 3231.5 Mhz
    Cache size: 1024KB
    O/S: Windows XP Professional
    Total RAM:1071362048 Bytes
    Available RAM:741871616 Bytes
    Video settings: 1024x768x32
    Video driver 66.93
    DESCRIPTION: Nvidia FX5900XT
    MotherBoard D875PBZ Intel

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    Understanding the PerformanceTest rating

    A high level description of the scores are included in the help file.

    The scores depend on the version of PerformanceTest you are using, and are meant for comparison e.g. with other systems or with the same system before and after system modifications.

    There are a number of baseline files included with PerformanceTest that can be loaded and directly compared with your PC to help understand how good your scores are.

    The short answer is that your results appear to be very good. The version you are using is not the latest version of PerformanceTest. There is a new version of PerformanceTest available, Version 5, that when licensed, provides access to many (over 2000) baselines that have been submitted by other users for comparison.

    The product description can be found at:

    The PT Version 5 baseline page can be found at:

    Best regards,
    PassMark Software