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  • Average current CPU score

    The CPU popularity page gives me an idea, but doesn't really answer my question. But I did learn that Pentium 4 3.00 Ghz are still rather popular.

    Anyway, what I wanna know is how capable on average a consumer's CPU is so I can get a general idea of the public's status. For example, I estimate that to playback 1080p content requires a minimum of 1200 passmark score and 1500 for optimal performance. If the average submitted CPU to this website this year has an average performance score of 1500 then it's safe to say that most people can decode 1080p movies on their PC. If it's something like 1000 then that would tell me that it will be another 6 months or a year before I can assume that any random user out there will be able to decode a HD clip you throw at him.

    So, instead of a "monthly CPU popularity" report, would you happen to know what the yearly mean passmark score was? Monthly would work too, but since months fly by fast, it means little to me.


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    We don't have the monthly average calculated out. It would probalby take less than an hour to write and test the database query, then graph it however. If you wanted to do it as a small consulting job.


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      Consulting job? What do you mean?


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        You requirment sounded like something you needed for your business. So I was sugesting that if you needed the data quickly, we can generate it for you, and charge you for our work.

        This process of payment for expert advice & data is known as consulting. It is fairly common in the IT industry.


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          Ohh nope, it is just curiosity mainly. I don't have a business, I'm only 18, lol.

          The thing is, me and my friends recently bought a camcorder capable of recording at 1080i (I hate interlaced, oh well) and we wanted to make some tutorials, but I'm the only one that disagrees releasing it in 1920x1080 resolution because I KNOW many people will have trouble decoding it, especially in AVC, and since it's interlaced, converting to 1280x720 progressive wouldn't lose any quality, and most people would have no problems playing that, though all the people using a Pentium 4 would most certainly fail

          They, and most people just love to exaggerate and claim 99% of people have a Core i7 and a fiber optic line. So I was hoping to prove them wrong by getting some stats on how fast the average currently owned CPU really is.

          I would appreciate some stats. I'd give $10 but I have no credit card.


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            Show me the schema and i'll write the query... lol.


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              Is the easy, and common practice, solution to just put up a low res and high res version of a video.

              The bandwidth costs on allowing people to download 1080i video would kill your project in any case. If your budget is $10


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                Well youtube can display 720p but its compressed a little too much not to mention it doesnt actually display the full res for everyone.

                Anyway, your not gonna gimme any data? Not even excel-compatible for me to sort myself?

                Snowpea, I don't know what you mean.