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CPU Multimedia Instructions test

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  • CPU Multimedia Instructions test

    I will get to the topic posted about after filling in about my problem. If anyone could fix this they would be the man.

    dell optiplex gx280 with:

    2500MB ram, P4 3.2 GHz single CPU (hyperthreading gives best results), Nvidia geforce 9800 gt 512 GPU, motherboard - 05G611, 500GB seagate hdd, OS - XP pro sp3, All drivers updated (and directx).

    I have a game I like to play, it has very minimal requirements:
    i.Windows 98(SE)/2000/XP/Vista.
    ii. 800 MHz or faster processor speed.
    iii. 128 Megabytes of RAM.
    iv. Video Accelerator Card (for 3D graphics) with 16MB RAM or higher.
    v. 1 Gigabyte of free hard drive space.
    vi. Internet connection with 56 Kbps or faster connection speed.
    vii. DirectX 8.1 or higher with compliant video and sound card.

    serious cpu and ram needed right? wrong.. anyways as you can see my system is way over what is required to run this game at its capped (40 fps) limit. Well I cant even get over 31 fps, much going on drops to 5 and very unstable. most ppl have 39 fps.

    So i bought passmark test, and all scores for cpu look acceptable then there is this "CPU multimedia instructions test" which i score a whopping .38 on. Is there a way to beef this up as that looks like it could be bad enough to affect even an old game like that. Of course it might not even be applicable. Help a noob out plzzzz this fps is drivin me nuts on my game.

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    This is normal for the multimedia instruction test. The old P4 doesn't support the newer Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE) multimedia instructions. So it performs this test rather slowly as a result.

    As for the game, maybe the developers quoted low specs to encourage people to purchase the game. But in reality you can only play the game on a low spec PC by turning down the resolution, and turning off all the video and sound features.