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less than 50% CPU-scores on E8400

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  • less than 50% CPU-scores on E8400

    Hi Guys,

    After comparing my systemsetup with others i found out that my CPU underscores A LOT!!
    (except for the integer math strangely )

    I read some threads and tried different things:
    - latest chipset mainboard
    - closing all applications
    - changing bios settings (multiplier locked at 9)
    - number of processes = 2

    but nothing helped... Anyone got any ideas?
    The only thing i can think of those anti virus programms, i used several and un-installed all so it should not be affecting my scores...

    My scores:
    CPU Mark
    gigabyte-EP45-RAID Intel Core 2739.7
    gigabyte-p45-home bu Intel Co 2738.5
    This Computer 1182.6
    CPU - Integer Math
    gigabyte-EP45-RAID Intel Core 382.7
    gigabyte-p45-home bu Intel Co 382.5
    This Computer 390.6
    CPU - Floating Point Math
    gigabyte-EP45-RAID Intel Core 1435.6
    gigabyte-p45-home bu Intel Co 1435.1
    This Computer 580.5
    CPU - Find Prime Numbers
    gigabyte-EP45-RAID Intel Core 1075.4
    gigabyte-p45-home bu Intel Co 1075.4
    This Computer 305.1
    CPU - SSE
    gigabyte-EP45-RAID Intel Core 7.1
    gigabyte-p45-home bu Intel Co 7.1
    This Computer 3.3
    CPU - Compression
    gigabyte-EP45-RAID Intel Core 4497.9
    gigabyte-p45-home bu Intel Co 4495.4
    This Computer 1426.1
    CPU - Encryption
    gigabyte-EP45-RAID Intel Core 12.6
    gigabyte-p45-home bu Intel Co 12.6
    This Computer 4.0
    CPU - Physics
    gigabyte-EP45-RAID Intel Core 214.1
    gigabyte-p45-home bu Intel Co 214.8
    This Computer 76.0
    CPU - String Sorting
    gigabyte-EP45-RAID Intel Core 2439.2
    gigabyte-p45-home bu Intel Co 2410.7
    This Computer 757.5

    I hope someone can help me!
    Trying some overclocking now to see if scores improve...
    (i am using Vista x64)
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    Overclocking to 3.4 Ghz did raise the overall CPU scorings from 1182.6 to 1357.8 so that is an exprected increase... but still way too low ofcourse!!

    I also am looking in to my memory perfomance now.. also almost 50% off (with overclock). Except for the large ram test, that went kind of ok.


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      I updated my BIOS (version log stated minor changes, but hey u never know!)... but... no change in the scores.

      I installed W7 next to vista, and voila, an overall score of 1550+ !!
      So somewhere in the last few months i messed up my drivers of vista.
      Well maybe this thread helps some other readers with the same problem.


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        Regarding the initial post. You didn't state any details about the other two machines that you are comparing against. The results of these two machines look too high to be a standard clocked E8400.

        Having said that your results still looked low. My guess would be that for some reason only 1 core of the CPU is being used.

        Normally device drivers don't have a big impact on CPU performance. Disk and video card results are more effected by drivers in general.

        The integer maths test gives very good results on 64bit, if you compare 32bit and 64bit machines.
        There are also a number of P8400 chips in the baseline database. So you need to be careful not the confuse the P8400 and the E8400.


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          Hi there,

          I referenced it against the same CPU/GPU config, passmark has a great feature for that!

          And i was assuming the same thing about 1 core being used, but when i set the amount of cores in the preferences the score even dropped further. My vista installation is really messed up.

          So i am slowly hopping over to W7.