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Phenom9650 vs Intel Core2 Duo E7500

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  • Phenom9650 vs Intel Core2 Duo E7500

    Here are my nominees

    Complete CPU Names
    Phenom X4 9650 Quad-core 2.30GHz AM2+ 4MB (95W)
    Conroe Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2,930 GHz FSB1066 3MB L2 45nm Socket 775 BOX

    For Windows XP Professional
    This was my calculation. I know XP uses only 2 cores so i divided the quad with 2.

    Right now it seems like its better to buy the Intel CPU

    Is this correct ?

    Games ? Photoshop?
    I like to play 3D games. In my opinion the AMD seems better. Now there are more and more games with quad support.

    Photoshop CS4 can use all 4 cores so again AMD seems the right choice.

    Other costs ?
    Is the mainboard or the cooler more expensive on AMD?
    Is it making a lot more noise ?

    Im waiting for your opinions. Thank you!
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    I know XP uses only 2 cores...
    I don't think this is correct. XP might be limited to 2 CPUs (i.e. sockets), but 4 cores is OK I believe.

    The AMD chip will be better if you are running CPU intensive software that supports 3 or 4 cores. But it will also be hotter (and thus maybe noisier to cool).

    If I was worried about noise and heat (e.g. in a media center) I would take the Intel chip.


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      thanks for advice. I think i will go for intel this time because I've been on AMD since 1998.

      The price of Intel is not so big as it used to be