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i7-920 on Asus P6T SE at 4.2GHz

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  • i7-920 on Asus P6T SE at 4.2GHz

    I tune up i7-920 2.66GHz on Asus P6T SE motherboard running at 4.2GHz,
    CPUZ shows 4.2GHz (cpu voltage = 1.3v), DDR3-1600, etc. on Win7.

    After disabling SpeedStep, C1E, CPU TM function, Execute Disable bit,
    I am able to get the boost on CPUmark if test 64 threads,
    (more threads have higher CPUmark score).

    Here are my questions :
    Q1. why PT gets different score at each time I run it ?
    score could vary by 10%, but SiSoft Sandra 2009 lite always the same stable score ?
    Q2. why I got CPU test items mostly +33% from overclocking
    but very low score (-60%) at CPU - Integer Math and Find Prime Number ?
    (baseline machine is i7-920 on P6T Deluxe at 2.66GHz)
    Q3. why the baseline machine has low score on P6T SE than P6T Deluxe using same i7-920 at 2.66GHz ? (this seems due to CPU setting of disabling C1E, CPU TM, Execute disable bit !)

    Your answer will be very appreciated !
    Best Regards,


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    Scores can vary due to system background activity, if you want more stable scores you could try going into the preferences and setting the test duration to very long. Also with 64 threads all trying to use the CPU 100% the operating system might not be completely consistent with its scheduling of tasks which may also account for some of the instability.

    2 & 3
    What baselines are you comparing to, there are over 70,000 in the online database. Just telling us the motherboard and cpu type doesn't tell us which one you are talking about. Do you know the number.

    For the integer test in particular this can vary a lot between 32 and 64 bit versions of windows. Are you running the 32 or 64 bit? What about the baseline you are comparing to.