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  • 2d Benchmarks

    I am trying to compare video cards for 2D performance, but all I can find is 3D charts online.

    Where/how can I look at 2D performance data to compare video cards with each other and with the one that I've got in my own PC?

    The graphical charts are very nice, but even text-based data would be very helpful.

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    You can download baseline files from within the PerformanceTest software to perform comparisions.

    We didn't do 2D charts becuase they are dependant on both the CPU and video card. The 3D test also suffers from this to some extend, but not as badly.

    And given there are 1000s of CPU types and 1000s of video card types, we would end up with 1,000,000s of CPU/Video card combinations. Too many to do a sensible graph.


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      2D Benchmarks

      Hey! Thanks!

      That bit about downloading baselines is a really neat feature. It lets me look for PCs with similar configurations to the one I'm building and see how it runs. Thanks for including the feature!

      I appreciate your help!