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    Much of the tests uploaded in your data base are done with the 32bit versions and with windows xp 32bit. But on the Pentium 64bit single and dual-core, Core 2, Core i7, Phenom, Phenom II, Athlon 64 and Athlon X2, the users should use the 64bit version and at least the xp 64bit for have a more real value of the performance of the processors with 64bit instructions. For exemple the Core i7 920 desktop appears with a score of 5466pts in the data base but on my Core i7 920 a got a score with the 64bit version on xp64 of 6688pts. The 5466pts are a set of results of alternate and mixed tests with 64 bit and 32bit versions wich i consider that should be separated for a more real score, in special for the 64bit processors, in two tables.
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    Many of these CPUs are now old, and 64bit didn't work very well on these old machines. Many devices were lacking device 64bit drivers, there was no native 64bit software available and most of the old motherboard didn't support more than 4GB of RAM, removing the main benefit of 64bit.

    Yes, 64bit machines score higher in our 64bit benchmark, but we now have over 100,000 results and the results average out to provide a meaningful relative score.