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Not sure if im reading the results right..

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  • Not sure if im reading the results right..

    Im guessing the green bars an the average score of the same card that i have, and for some reason my score is way lower.

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    BTW I'm using a radeon 4890. As far as the benchmark results go for the video cards on the home page, what are they refering to? Im guessing its just the 3dGraphics mark.. Im sorry for being such a noob =/


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      No. The green bars labeled "This computer" are the results from your computer. I am not sure what numbers you are refering to on the "Home page".


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        benchmarks>video card benchmarks>high end video card chart, the number next to radeon 4890, is that based on the 3d graphics mark? Only reason im asking is because im getting about 500 points below it.

        My 3d mark for my 4890 is about 1386 when on the high end video card chart is saying it should be right under 2k. Im having alot of problems in a number of games, just trying to find out of i have a faulty card.


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          Yes, it is the 3D Mark figure used for the video charts.

          But the result depends on the CPU as well as the GPU. A fast CPU will improve he 3D result.


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            I've got an Intel i7 920...