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Pass Mark CD test low?

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  • Pass Mark CD test low?

    I am new here and to Pass Mark Performance Test. I downloaded v7.0 yesterday and ran the performance test today and my CD test said that my reader was too slow-less than 1MB/s, so I didn't complete the test with the cd I had in there. I am pretty sure I had the wrong media in the drive as I don't know what you are supposed to put in the DVD/CD drive. I have a new HP e9280t, Core I7 920, 8GB ddr3 1066mhz , 1TB RAID0, Standard 16x optical drive DVD/CD RW. What should the read speed be and what kind of media do I use for the Benchmark test?

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    DVD drives will optimally read at about 10MB/s, although they often go slower under non-ideal situations (but not that much slower)

    You should be using a CD or DVD with data on it, the larger the individual files are the better. Music CD and Movie DVD do not work very well (if at all) and should not be used in the test. A good example that many people would have access to is a windows install CD/DVD.


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      Thanks Michael. I will do that and see what happens. Cheers!


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        I use an XP install CD on CD drives or Vista/Win7 DVD on DVD drives.
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          Using one of our CD / DVD / Blu-ray data test discs is also a good option


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            Hello - I hope it's OK to comment on an old thread. I have a question about this.

            Is there benefit to using a DVD for testing systems with DVD drives, as opposed to using a CD for the same system?



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              Yes, DVDs can be dual layer have have finer details.

              Meaning the laser needs to be more precise for a DVD compared to a CD.


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                Ok, thank you!