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need a good comparison

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  • need a good comparison

    anyone have link to a baseline with p4 2.8 that scored higher than mine of 476.2 or around that score.
    or preferably any baseline of a system that matches my baseline
    windows xp
    geforce fx 6800gt
    512 ddr 400
    p4 2.8c

    or if not can anyone tell me how good or bad 476.2 is for those specs, if i search for anything specific in baselines page it comes up empty so a direct link would help alot[/url]

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    There are 78 baseline files available that have a Pentium 4 running at 2800Mhz, using Windows XP with a Geforce video card.

    See this search of the baseline database

    There are also 64 baselines from people with NVIDIA GeForce 6800, but I agree that there doesn't appear to be much overlap between the P4 2800 owners and the GeForce 6800 owners.

    Most of the GeForce 6800 owners seem to have CPUs running at 3GHz+