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Slow Solid Stgate Hard Drive

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  • Slow Solid Stgate Hard Drive


    Just assembled a new pc and am fairly pleased with the results, but noticed that my Intel hard drive was performing 20 percent slower than it should. This drive has averaged 1203 over 355 samples, but mine is testing at 1011.

    Wouldn't worry about a few points here or there, but that seems significant. Any ideas?

    Here is a system summary:
    Drive - Intel SSDSA2M080G2GC
    CPU - i7 920
    Motherboard - EVGA X58 SLI LE
    RAM - 8 Mb DDR3 1600
    O/S - Windows 7, 64 bit
    Thanks in advance,
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    There are many external factors that effect the hard drive results. See this FAQ for details,
    Q. The results for my hard disk aren't what I expected.

    This means that the results can vary a bit from one run to the next and also vary between systems using the same drive. So the your result of 16% less than the average for this drive in no way indicates a hardware fault.


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      Found the issue

      I found out what was wrong: It was a problem in the BIOS. The SATA mode on the mobo defaulted to IDE. Changed the setting to AHCI, and now am scoring around 1500.