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PerformanceTest V6 released today

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  • PerformanceTest V6 released today

    We are pleased to announce that PerformanceTest V6 has been released today.

    Both a Windows 32bit and Windows 64bit version are available.

    French, German and Japanese language versions are also available.

    New features include,
    • A new "game like" 3D test has been included as a standard and an advanced test. This test will make use of some of the advanced features in new graphics cards.
    • To make it easier to compare your results with similar types of computers, Baseline searching, downloading and uploading is now possible from with-in PerformanceTest.
    • A new Memory test has been added that measures the performance of the memory sub-system for applications that use a large amount of RAM.
    • The Advanced Memory test now allows the testing of 64-bit data (in addition to 8, 16, and 32-bit data).
    • A new Advanced CD test to measure the performance of CD-R/CD-RW writing has been added (under Windows XP and 2003 server).
    • The Export for Web feature allows the comparison between the current computer and all selected baseline computers to be exported in HTML. This has been improved to highlight the highest scoring test results for each test, test category and overall result.
    • Changes to CPU test:
      - A new CPU test has been added - Prime number test;
      - The MMX test has been removed;
      - The CPU - Integer Math's, CPU - Floating Point, and all memory tests, that now test with a combination of 32 and 64-bit values (rather than just 32-bit values as was the case in PT5.0).
    • The standard disk tests have been changed to improve the accuracy and consistency of results, particulary for high end hard disk drives.
    • Test re-weighting. Due to advances of technology components at different rates, re-balancing the results between major tests has been undertaken to achieve our intended importance/weighting of each test (as described in the help file).
    • The Graphical User Interface has been updated.

    New screenshots have also been uploaded.

    Any feedback on the new version would be welcome.