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  • Inconsistent results

    Hi All,

    I was wondering if any of you had problems with inconsistent results, especially in 3d performance.

    Machine i was testing was a HP 6730b laptop, new, never issued.

    First baseline test scire was 513.5

    The second test of the 6730b that i ran a few minutes later was 696.2.

    I checked it out and the 3D graphics mark scored from 40% to 80% better on the second test

    What would cause the score to increase so dramaticlaly, especially considering that the test was ran in a succession, with no updates, or changes in between.

    Thank you for your input

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    Maybe when you ran the initial 3D test the machine was still performing some activities in the background, this might especially be the case if it was the first boot of a new machine. For example the download and install of the operating system patches can go on for many minutes after booting the machine.

    Maybe boot the machine & wait 10min for it to be idle (hard disk and CPU), then run the 3D test a few times. The result should be more stable.


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      Thanks for your help.

      We did run the test multiple times, and it looks like the results do even out a bit after the initial test.

      Test #1: 530.7
      Test #2: 677.9
      Test #3: 691.9
      Test #4: 693.7
      Test #5: 688.1

      A feature request from my standpoint would be the ability to automatically run the test x amount of times, and have Passmark give the overall average.

      Would you consider this?


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        We were just discussing this yesterday (multiple runs and automatic taking the max).
        It will definitely be in the next major release.


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          Another feature that i find lacking is printing.

          I would love to see the ability to print individual result pages, or even export them to other formats for editing.

          For example, i don't see a way to easily print the individual tabs in results, such as the System tab.


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            You can use the Edit / Copy / Current Tab to grab the result page or system info as text or an image. You can then print from your text or image editor.

            There are also export options under the file tab.