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startup error number: 9

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  • startup error number: 9

    Hi all, new to forum.

    startup error number: 9

    ---edit - Windows 7

    I get the above error in PT 7 both 64 and 32 bit. I've uninstalled and reinstalled a couple times, always this error.
    It's a new machine, 2xRaid0 80 gb ssd for C:\
    installed PT on 2xRaid0 1tb hd on I:\

    I installed to I:\, got this error, uninstalled, then tried on C:\, same error.
    I've searched but the only thing I've seen was to delete a folder in \ProgramData, but I don't have that subdirectory (unless it's hidden, didn't check for that) - but op never got back with results. Any other ideas?

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    The ProgramData folder is hidden by default in windows. Typing (or copy/pasting) C:\ProgramData\ straight into the file system address bar should take you there.

    So to begin with it would be good if you could have another go at deleting the C:\ProgramData\PassMark\PerformanceTest folder.


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      like a charm

      Yep, that worked. Still trying to get used to Windows7, learn something new and "interesting" every day. I'm doing a big download now so I can't actually run the test, but the window is up and everything seems peachy.

      Thanks a lot,