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DirectX 10 result oddly low compared to other 3d results

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  • DirectX 10 result oddly low compared to other 3d results


    Here is what I get:

    3d graphics mark - 355.3
    3d graphics simple - 580.3
    3d graphics medium - 114.2
    3d graphics complex - 31.8
    3d graphics directx 10 - 3.10

    The results seem fair except for DirectX 10, which seems unusually low. The directx came with with Vista and I updated from the Microsoft website. Passmark also updated directx.

    The rest of the computer tests good in it's class. Specs:
    Vista Home Premium 32 bit
    Pentium D 2.8 ghz (2 cores)
    2gb system ram
    Radeon hd 5450 1gb video

    The operating system has just been installed, and all updates installed also. I believe I have installed the latest video drivers as well.

    Any clues?


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    This sounds about right, 3 frames per second.
    The Pentium D and the HD5450 are both underpowered.

    If you search our baseline database for Pentium class CPUs running a 5450 you'll see results between 2 and 4 fps for the DX10 test (which requires a lot of horsepower to get good results).


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      Thanks, I see.

      My card tested at about 189. The benchmark for the hd 5450 showed 324. Would that be related to the rest of the system, like cpu, mobo, and memory? I searched the website and couldn't find the database mentioned.


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        You can access the database of results from within PerformanceTest.

        From the menu select Baseline / Install baseline from web.
        Then you can do some searches.

        Yes, a slow CPU will hurt the 3D results. MB and main RAM aren't so critical for the 3D test.