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Advanced Disk Testing (ADT) scripting

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  • Advanced Disk Testing (ADT) scripting

    the Performance Test Help tells me I can't script advanced testing. But if you scroll down a while there are some examples on how to do advanced disk testing. And that's what I want. So here is an example:

    ADT_ADDTHREAD C 409600 8192 CACHED SYNCH 10 0 0
    ADT_SETEXPORT HTML SVT C:\export.html
    ADT_RUNTESTS 60 2000

    It is pasted directly from the Help into a somefile.ptscript which i tried to load afterwards. But only errors will occur. Can someone tell me how this will work ? Or is it true that it will not work with the current version v7(1020) but why is something written in the Help.
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    We have started development on V8 of PerformanceTest.
    One of the features is scripting of the advanced disk test.

    I am wondering if we stuffed up and include part of the V8 help file with V7.

    We'll check.