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CPU Benchmark: Upgrading Core 2 Duo

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  • CPU Benchmark: Upgrading Core 2 Duo

    Hi all,

    I have a E6320 core2 duo cpu, after running performance test the benchmark results seem really low, even when compared to results from the exact same motherboard and processor. I understand hdd, ram, gpu all make a difference to the benchmark so I limited the test in this instance just to CPU and results are :

    Can anyone advise why my cpu runs slower than an identical cpu + mobo please?

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    Initially check the points in this post.

    Causes and Solutions for a slow PC


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      Ah, I did not read all of the posts, earlier I seem to be running 32 bit OS on 64 bit hardware.

      That would explain it.



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        That would be part of the reason. But there might be other issues as well, as the scores are pretty low.


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          Originally posted by passmark View Post
          That would be part of the reason. But there might be other issues as well, as the scores are pretty low.
          Yeah I've seen minor performance hits/gains from 64bit vs. 32bit but the graphs you are providing look more like a throttling issue.

          I would run a stress test while keeping an eye on the CPU throttling value to make sure that's not causing it?

          If the CPU is getting too hot and throttling, check the cooler mounting, thermal paste, air-flow, fan health, etc... ?
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            That more like it

            I bought a 64 bit version on windows 7 and ran passmark again,
            results are much better:

            AWD_NUT you remind me, I recently cleaned the case out but did not have any good quality silver thermal compound so used the cheap stuff, I imagine that could make a different. How do I run a stress test?


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              Hi There, just came in here. I've had the same thing happen, x64 is very fast, if you got Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on x64 hardware. I've built identical systems and the x64's run almost twice as fast as the i386 OS. I just prefer i386 OS's - Cos the driver protection is a bit less stringent, I always try to get the Pro or Ultimate versions of any Windows OS. I've been using Yamicsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 Manager which has several speed tweaks you can fool with, there is other software that can do the same thing. You can even do it without the helper apps, if you know how. But using Yamicsoft, I was able to speed my systems up all by about 25%, even my Vista system. I can post a before and after if I can find the passmark results I stashed somewhere.


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                We can't really recommend any of these optimizer programs. We have tested a lot of them and so far we haven't found any that significantly speed up your PC beyond what can be done with the basic tools already in Windows. Some of them even slow down your PC as they become just one more piece of bloatware.

                You'll notice how often the developers of these optimizer programs, like Yamicsoft, 1) Don't put any contact details on their web site and 2) Don't publish any actual proof of their performance enhancing claims.

                Just use the disk defragger included with Windows, msconfig, etc..
                Don't waste your money on optimizer programs until someone reputable proves the claims made.


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                  I loaded up my old baseline's from when I had a c2d 6420.

                  However is diff cpu 6420 to 6320 and I had it o/c.

                  at 3ghz it scored 2211 overall cpu score, if I remember right stock was 2.14ghz.