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cpu issue - PerformanceTest startup time

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  • cpu issue - PerformanceTest startup time


    I have the paid version of passmark which I think is a very useful program, but have an interesting issue.

    The cpu of this machine is a i5 750 which runs at stock with power saving and turbo enabled.
    My spare machine is a amd 64 X2 5600+ again stock settings.

    On benchmarks this machine as expected blows the other away in its results however when starting the app passmark up it starts instantly on the amd machine but on this machine it takes about 10 seconds, during those 10 seconds the cpu is maxed out processing some sort of data.

    Is there a known explanation for this or is it something within the app that is optimised for amd?

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    I could go and check in the code, but I think the long pause is due to the need to load up the CPU for a while to make sure it goes into Turbo mode.

    I agree it is too long however. It is something we need to improve.


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      thanks, if its deliberate behaviour then at least I know its not an issue on my pc. It does seem a bit excessive so if you could reduce it to just 1-2 seconds that be great thanks.


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        I see the same thing on the rig in my sig. It takes over 5 seconds to load PT. On my Q6600 system PT loads in about 1 second.

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